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Participants will have the opportunity to practice structural analysis in superspace with the computer programs Superflip and JANA by V. Petricek, M.

Metallic-mean quasicrystals as aperiodic approximants of periodic crystals | Nature Communications

Dusek and L. Palatinus, Prague. Since more than 50 QCs and a similar number of approximants have been studied to date, a table listing them together with some characteristic parameters would have been quite useful for showing their abundance and diversity.

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I have not found any hint of the problem of multiple diffraction that can strongly bias the weak reflections in a QC diffraction data collection. The weak reflections are crucial for determining the long-range quasiperiodic order. Although a new section on the growth of QCs has been added in the second edition, the most recent growth simulations e.

There are a couple of minor flaws: the discovery of X-rays is attributed to Max von Laue instead of to W. Consequently, the intensity distribution shows pseudo-tenfold symmetry only.


Anyway, these are minor flaws that do not diminish the quality of this otherwise excellent book. If you do not already own the first edition of Aperiodic Crystals , I strongly recommend you buy the second edition. Clarke, R.

Acta Cryst. A 74 , 1— Prior permission is not required to reproduce short quotations, tables and figures from this article, provided the original authors and source are cited.

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For more information, click here. Issue contents. Download PDF of article. The definition of a crystal also reflects the lack of understanding of what constitutes order in matter, and in this sense should be seen as a working definition that may well need to be revised in the future. In crystallography, order is linked to diffraction, which makes sense because diffraction is the method of choice to experimentally determine the structure of a solid.

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Grimm demonstrates that there are ordered structures which are not captured by the current definition, either because their pure point diffraction fails to be finitely generated, or because they do not have any non-trivial point component in their diffraction. While we do not know whether such structures are realistic in nature, it should become possible to manufacture materials with purpose-design structure and properties. In this sense, these are structures that are relevant and should be considered to be within the realm of crystallography.

Materials provided by International Union of Crystallography.

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  8. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Journal References : Marjorie Senechal. Structures beyond superspace.