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This has some sex, but not much. Ruby is an intriguing character and I love this series. Teen, 14 years old Written by TayahCook January 31, One of the best This is one of my favorite books of all time. It has an absolutely amazing story. I would recommend all teens that have liked hunger games or divergent to read this book because it is better than both of them. No implied sex and very few kissing. The only thing I would be concerned about is the language, which does include the f word and spoiler alert the main character is lured into kissing one of the bad teens.

But over all not a lot of violence, sex or drinking.

This is an amazing book that has a good story and is very appropriate. Kid, 12 years old January 6, I would recommend it for teens, because it has some violence while the main character, Ruby, is in her "rehabilitation camp. This is a great book and I highly recommend you to read it. Kid, 12 years old January 5, I watched the movie first, but loved the book more. Also, Zu is eleven. Teen, 14 years old Written by Zawuku January 5, Unforgettable Ruby, Liam, Chubs, Vida, Zu and all the other main characters in this book series have found a way into my heart.

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The books relate to teens in a way that is really hard to achieve. I personally think that Alexandra Bracken, the author, has written an amazing book that our generation can relate to.

‘Wind River’ last chapter in Taylor Sheridan’s trilogy

I mean, it's not every book that manages to make me cry in the middle of the night. Don't get me wrong, there are a few parts in the book that wouldn't be suitable for younger children. But besides that, this book and all the other books in this series evoke emotion from their readers in ways nothing else can. Recently, I watched the trailer for the movie The Darkest Minds. I thought it looked decent. The book wasn't cheesy at all and was really a great read.

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Over all, I loved it. I recommend it for mature 12 year olds and up, but 13 is my age rating. Spoiler alert: The main character, Ruby, is raped by her "friend" Clancy. This story may be a little too much for younger viewers, but overall, it was a great read! This title contains: Positive role models. Teen, 16 years old Written by maplesyrupyumm12 December 17, Loved it! After reading some poor reviews on this book I was a little skeptical. However, I absolutely loved this novel!

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The plot has some positive underlying themes such as: the search for self, the importance of who you consider family, and the consequences of self-sacrifice. The love story embedded into the plot is a little frustrating, but I believe in future books that the author with jive up the romance.

There is a good amount of swearing and violence. Also there may have been a scene of sexual assault, depending on how deep you read into the scene. Overall, excellent and exciting reading with unsuspecting plot twists. I would highly recommend! Kid, 10 years old December 16, Outstanding book with scary, sad and mature scenes This book follows year-old Ruby.

Although this book has interesting storylines and cool scenes, there are many scary and sad moments. Teen, 15 years old Written by Ashey December 12, What Happened In The Book Ok so here we go, I read this book about a couple months ago. I started reading the first paragraph and I knew I would love this series. It was an amazing book and I have read it over 4 times ever since I picked it up. Ok so I'm gonna tell you the summary of the whole book.

This death happened when she was ten, her classmate died. The book goes on to explain her life as a little ignorant little 10 year old. One day she erases her parents memory of her on accident. She wakes up on her birthday expecting pancakes and a hug. But what she gets is being thrown into the garage by her mother who doesn't know she is her daughter.

Ruby is taken to a rehabilitation camp known a Thurmond. She has to abide by these strict rules placed by the PSF's in Thurmond. Ruby is not herself in this camp, and she is very shy. But I never said she wasn't smart.

See a Problem?

The workers at the camp have this type of speaker that projects a frequency that only the kids affected by IAAN can hear. The kids with IAAN are sorted into different groups of people, the groups are color coordinated. The groups represent the most dangerous people with IAAN.

Because if a kid survives the IAAN, they are not the same anymore. They have powers, a new responsibility. Orange is the most dangerous one because they control peoples minds and can see what you are thinking. Red's have the power of fire, second most dangerous. Blue's have telekinesis; they move things with their minds. Yellow's are electric, they control power and electricity. Now, Green's; Green's have brain power. They are the smartest people alive. Greens can easily figure out puzzles and they have perfect picture memory.

Ruby is a orange, but she forced the doctor to believe she was a green. So her whole life in Thurmond was acting like a Green. Without warning Thurmond workers blared the White Noise, and this time it affected Ruby the most. If someone effected by the white noise was more hurt than the others, that would mean they weren't placed in the should be spots.

And since Ruby spiked the highest they found out she was actually a Orange. A doctor at Thurmond broke Ruby out and she escaped, but she gets a bad feeling about this escape. So she runs away from the doctor that helped her. Cate Ruby then finds another kid, just about She follows her to a mini wan where the little girl locks her out.

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Cate has almost caught up and Ruby is read to run to save the little girl. When this girl sees that, she opens the door and yanks Ruby in. She sits her down in the back tossing a blanket over her. Two guys get into the passenger and the drivers seat. Later in the drive Ruby reavels herself because she feels like someone is going to get hurt if she doesn't go back to Cate. Cate and her boyfriend Rob are chasing Ruby Liam the driver disagrees and doesn't let her out. Chubs the passenger is mad that Liam doesn't just let her out.

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They continue driving and they get away from Cate. Ruby stays with them for a while never letting them know she is an Orange. Chubs throughout the whole book is very suspicious of Ruby, he knows she is lying about being a Green. Ruby is forced to show the group her real powers by saving them. Liam is a little shocked but doesn't care, Chubs says he knew it all along and kind of accepts her from then on.

The group continue their search for a camp called The East River. They find it and stay at peace with them for a while. Ruby gets to become friends the their leader Clancy, he is also an Orange, one of the three left. He teaches her some control over her powers She struggles with this throughout the whole book, she just wants to control her powers.

But ultimately Clancy tells her she can't do anything to help control her powers. An intense scene comes up next. Clancy then tricks Ruby into letting him into her mind, he makes her body stop moving from controlling her mind. He pulls off her shirt and is kissing her. She is screaming on the inside to let her go. She finally breaks free of his control and runs out of his building with no shirt and just a bra.