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  3. A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils.
  4. Essential Oils Beginners Guide!

Plant Therapy provides responsible education for oil use on their site. Keeping a non-biased reference book on essential oil basics can prove very handy. With knowledge on your side, you can put your essential oils to work in your home. You can also use essential oils simply for fragrance and their therapeutic aroma benefits using a diffuser. Homemade Peppermint Toothpaste from Live Simply. Always make informed choices and do your own research with essential oils. A doctor and a naturopath have both cautioned me against ingesting EOs of any brand. There can be potentially devastating side effects.

Hey Lisa, I agree! Do you have any favorite oils?

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Thank you, Kathy. Let me email Plant Therapy and ask about the coupon code not working for you. Kathy, the coupon code is now working. I had been out of town all last week and forget to activate the coupon code. I believe I removed it from the post.

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Sorry about that. Plant Therapy does run deals quite often. I am just getting into using the oils and have ingested pepperment oil but nothing else yet. After reading the statements that I have read here, I am no longer sure that is a safe idea. Just curious and questioning because I am so new to oils and trying to learn as I try to sift through all of the information that is our there in cyber land. Thank you for any help that you can give me. I think much of the information on ingesting oils comes from these companies and sellers.

Plant Therapy also provides great information on their blog. Hope that helps :.

Beginners Guide to Essential Oils

I love the blue and the lavender.. Its perfect for relaxing your body and in morning it feels like your morning is complete.. I agree essential oils has a ling history of skin benefits.. They are truly amazing with treating problems including acne, killing germs and much more. I thank my lucky stars for leading me to your site.

Essential Oils As Medicine: Essential Oils Guide

Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much. Hi Kristin! Ever heard of a company called plant life , they too make ready all natural soaps and essential oils and i found some of their stuff at tjmax for a great price, just wondering what your opinions are? If you get a chance, I would call the company and ask them about plant sourcing and how the oils are distilled.

Hi,thanks for the quick response! I also purchased lavender from NOW , ever heard of this company? I purchase NOW brand on occasion. They are a good brand, in my opinion. Lavender varies in prices depending on the type.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Beginner's Guide | Udemy

Anyone know of a good place to get the low down? So informative and would be perfect for newbies to essential oils! I especially loved the quick summary of the oils in the middle! Lea Harris, the author and aromatherapist, is a wealth of information. I am fairly new to essential oils. You mentioned that you really like the Plant Therapy brand. How are they different from the bigger companies?

Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide

I know that they are less expensive in price but how does the quality stand up to the other companies? Great article, thank-you! Hours staying in front of the screen and I always feel stressed. I heard for some therapy from using essential oils and its incredible impact. Thank Lord, I found your post.

I have noted the information. I also need some advices. I love Lavender and Peppermint, wish you to give me some suggestions. Hey Megan, I wrote this post before I shared my deodorant recipe.

Thank you for catching that! I prefer the recipe without clay, but the clay recipe works well, too. You could use half clay and half baking soda. Thank you SO much for the great info. I am currently in nursing school but am so interested in learning about more holistic alternatives and have been wanting to experiment with essential oils for quite some time but have always felt overwhelmed with where to begin! So I think I will start with one of the kits from plant therapy the one that comes with 7 I think and this might be a silly question, can I use any diffuser with essential oils or does it have to be a certain one?

What are essential oils?

And also, do you have to use a carrier oil with the diffuser or just put the essential oil in? Thanks in advance for your guidance! She blogs over at Holistic Health Herbalist. Get glowing skin and learn how to make your own DIY beauty products with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Plus, get my 7-day essential oils course to get gorgeous skin from the inside out.

Please tell me the difference between Thieves and Thieves Vitality. I have Thieves oil and several of the Thieves cleaning products. They are actually the same oil. Thanks for this info!! I have been to many sites that push a certain brand and they all say the same thing and have the exact lotion bar recipe word for word. This is a very refreshing blog! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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