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I see plenty of "qualified union staff" that are dead wood in town government and are only around due to bump and retreat non sense. Good bye to the unions! The best is the stellar highway staff who "prep" their trucks for 2 hours in the morning before hitting the roads to the local deli's for their breakfast - on the clock and then its off to actually doing some work! The unions get no sympathy from By ridiculous , hampton bays on Oct 5, 11 PM.

By redtransam89 4 , east quogue on Oct 9, 11 PM. By xtiego , bridgehampton on Oct 3, 11 PM.

Unlike alot of career politicians ATH comes to the table with years of running a multi million dollar business where budgets had to be balanced. She comes to the table with real world experience and the ability to make the tough decisions which may not be political. In the private sector one has to make the decisons that the public sector complains about, yet in the private sector its small print. Working in the public sector is not the golden bb that it used to be. Times have changed and municpal A measure of a person is in the tough times, not the good times. By srk 15 , southampton on Oct 4, 11 AM.

They buy a piece of property; build the Hayground School down the road from another private school. Bingo Co-Founder of a very prominent school. Needless to say the other school was not very happy about the competition or the coup this group pulled ATH had a problem getting along with others, at that other private school where she was president of the parents association. Way to go, just buy your way. What Business Experience???

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Z , reg rep , Tennyson , maggieb. Please clarify what multi-million dollar business and her real world experience. As far as I have learned, so far, her real world business experience is limited. However ATH has become, it appears, a career politician with an ego to match.

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By maggieb 11 , sag harbor on Oct 4, 11 PM. It is well deserved for the great job she has done. She actually deserves more. Thanks Anna. Actually there are no raises proposed for any Elected Officials in the Budget so that is incorrect. By maggieb 11 , sag harbor on Oct 5, 11 PM. I can shed no tears for officers making k a year with having many sick days, vacation days, and personel days.

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Basically working days a year with full benefits to which they contribute zero. A retirement after 20 years, and a union that thinks they are above the rest of town employees. There is low crime on the east end, and we have an abundance of law enforcement. The officers will telling us If they can't do their jobs they should retire immediately. There are thousands of NYC cops ready to fill their shoes.

I'm not saying cops don't do a good job we just can't afford them. By chief1 , southampton on Oct 5, 11 PM. No dude. We can afford these guys.


We can't afford the county fees. It would triple my police tax in a year. Lots of these guys are former city cops too. This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content. Wait isn't the Supervisor supposed to be in the hip pocket of the PBA? So how do you explain police layoffs? Cmon people it's a pretty decent budget, the cops have nothing to do except bust Linda Kabot and all have 2 or 3 side businesses.

By littleplains , olde england on Oct 6, 11 AM. By reg rep , Southampton on Oct 6, 11 PM. I really shouldn't laugh at that, but C'mon, there's some substance here and there. I've read intelligent thoughts, each drawn from our own experience, or in some cases possibly the aether. It's up there, just look for it By Mr. We lost the useless Chief Overton but now were getting rid of all the knowledge You need some people in there with years of knowledge and experience with our Town and "locals".

We need there "brains" to pick while there still with the department because they have pertant information regarding things within the town that have been going on forever that new hire isnt How about getting rid of the 20 cops that are always taking there sick days and vacation days and are the usually out on injury people. Those cops are the useless ones. Go after cops that have write ups for the insobordnation Lay offs should be based upon job performance not your term.

Forcing them to retire is only going to force you to appoint a blue uniform to a white uniform Its all political. Out with captain lovers and in with the chief Wilson lovers. Basically its payback now is what they are doing. Enough already! You all spout such nonsense!

Where is the research in your unintelligent postings? Oh wait I can probably guess Now follow along Oh and by the way, All this is coming from past budgets I just Z has probably just misplaced. I digress This parts interesting I know, lots of numbers but what does it all mean?

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I know the cops in my area by first name, they come into the store all the time. I have a relationship with them and they are familiar with the happenings around here.

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Don't get me started on the school taxes So, in conclusion, with no long words to make myself sound more intelligent than I really am, I will acquiescently submit my findings for your viewing pleasure, all confirmable with a little bit of time and the aspiration to find the truth. I will pay my 57 cents a day, and I realize this is my opinion. For some 57 cents a day for police coverage can be twisted and manipulated HHS and reg rep, you two are the best at that!

Thank You. November 07, - The U. Have a Tip? Download Adobe Flash Player.


Federal Government, U. Department of Justice.

U.S. Marshals Work To Capture Violent Fugitives Before Super Bowl

October 03, - An alleged child rapist and one of the U. Kennedy -- Text -- ZIP. Poliopolis and Polioland--at Roy Glashan's Library. The Riddle of the Sands-- Text.