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The illustrations are wonderful and your young readers will love finding: two butterflies, three budgerigars, four squirrels, five pandas, six rabbits, seven frogs, eight fish, nine birds, and ten cats in the beautiful scenes throughout the book. Again, like most books that focus on counting concepts, this book should have repeated readings to help support counting.

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With Dr. Seuss books, you can't go wrong. The different characters in this book all have ten apples on their head. As you read this book, prompt the children to count the number of apples on their heads. Beginning learners should point to each apple as they count to ensure they have a one-to-one correspondence. This is a pattern story about ten monkeys who are jumping on the bed, one falls off when he bumped his head, then there are nine monkeys jumping on the bed. This book helps children count backward from ten and also supports the concept of "one less than.

What child doesn't find humor in animals being naughty? This book delights young readers as they love the fact that the monkeys are mischevious.

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When reading this book, encourage readers to chime in as the book is done in rhyme which makes it so much easier for the children to remember the words. Children love to count the monkeys and you'll want to encourage counting on each page! This book is a take-off from Ten Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, which is another great book to focus counting backward from ten. Another great rhyming story book that helps children solidify the concept of counting to ten.

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by James Dean - Christmas Book Read Aloud - Storytime With Ms. Becky

The touchy, feely ladybugs disappear and the students learn to count backward from ten. This is another engaging book that works well with repeated readings. Thanks for all these titles! Thanks for these book suggestions! Sometimes I see a book I like like Pumpkin Trouble! Your posts are sooo helpful! For a long time I was too insecure to use puppets. Now I pull them out whenever I can to show word to image recognition and for just plain keep-em-listening power!

Thanx again — you guys are so helpful and inspiring! My programming colleague and I adore you! Thanks so much, Kelly! They are awesome storytime books. Oh yes, I use Bark, George all the time, though my toddlers have trouble sitting through the whole thing. Thanks for the rec! Her memory is phenomenal and she can recite verbatim stories like Pete the Cat that her teacher has read only once to her class.

Can you suggest appropriate read alouds for a child who cannot see but can only imagine. Thanks so much. Hi Elaine, firstly, what a wonderful grandmother you are! The challenge you face is that so many picture books rely on the illustrations to tell the story or to add humour.

Other options are Mr. Another resource to know about is A Story Before Bed.

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Lastly, if you have someone else who can record with you, the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems are hilarious and engaging. I hope this gets you started! Thank you so much for your help. Holiday Blessings. I just had a very rambunctious toddler, just turned 2, come to my preschool story time. Her parents would really like her to come to the story time and I had only done babies or preschoolers and older.

I was thrilled to find your blog. You are a life saver! Using some of your ideas, I am hoping that next week goes better. Thank you for your lovely comment! Toddlers can be the trickiest age, but they will also become your biggest fans. Oh yes, I believe you are referring to the classic by Rod Campbell. I included that on my list of favourite felt stories for toddlers, but the book is just as good.

Thanks for reminding me of this gem! Hi Lindsey, I love your page! I was wondering if you use normal sized books for story time and if so are they big enough for all the kids to see? Yes, I do use normal sized books, though I try to choose picture books with larger pages if I know my group will be big 40 people.

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I find the over-sized books too hard to manage with one person turning pages, reading, and sitting it somewhere. I know other libraries that project the book pages to really large groups or use eBooks. We practiced marching in place to a steady beat before we began, and then we chanted the book together.

At each reveal, I invited the kids to move like the animal on the page. It was a workout, and it kept the kids engaged, and it was fun! Thanks for the great idea! Fighting all his hibernation urges, Bear is able to stay up as he and his friends gather and decorate a tree, have snacks, and sing songs. Eventually Bear is the only one left awake, and he prepares gifts for his friends as Christmas morning dawns. The gentle rhymes and touching story of friendship makes this one of our favorites!

This may be my favorite of the bunch!

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Brother and Sister are disappointed when they arrive and Gramps and Gran's house for Christmas and are told to turn the television off. Instead, the whole family celebrates with carols, cutting and trimming a Christmas tree, crafts, helping in the kitchen and a sleigh ride. The cubs realize that spending time with family is the best part of Christmas.

The hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas is difficult for Llama to handle.

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He is very impatient and eventually becomes overwhelmed. His mama gently reminds him that spending time together is the best part of Christmas.

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I think many children and families will relate to this book. Even children can get caught up in the stress that holidays can often bring, and this book describes those feelings in a very age appropriate way. My girls are just becoming familiar with the "Fancy Nancy" series, but boy, do we love her! In this story, Nancy and her family prepare for Christmas by choosing and decorating a tree, waiting for grandpa to arrive, and doing some Christmas crafts.

As always, the lush illustrations give children plenty to look at and they'll learn some new fancy words. Nancy also learns how to move past a major disappointment after her prized tree topper breaks.

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There are lots of great lessons for kids in this book! Olivia "helps" her family prepare for Christmas in true Olivia fashion. This book has just the right amount of silliness, encouragement to be helpful, and fun family dynamics to make it fun and enjoyable even for adults to read.