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Update Daycare Information If you notice any inaccurate information on this page, please let us know so we can correct. My best friend just got a new job. Thank you. He watched her butt as she walked away. She switched her hips more than necessary to put on a good show. He always had a thing for the young ones.

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There was a reason the live-in nanny was male. When he opened his mouth, I thought he was going to notice how tired I looked or comment on the amount of makeup I was wearing, like a normal father. Nothing major, simply expanding your dorsum a touch. My partner can do it. My chest constricted. I willed myself not to cry because of our close proximity.

He lifted his phone and snapped a picture of me without warning. Your posture is important. She was a classic beauty, a modern-day Marilyn if there ever were one, and it was neither his, nor his colleagues' doing. Her striking features weren't composed of magazine clippings; she was woven of genes and prayer. That's why she and Sophia are a part of his brand and I never will be.

By the time three of us had arrived at one of NYC's hottest night clubs, night had fallen. It was a beautiful late spring evening, perfect for a red carpet. The car door was opened by the driver. They exited first, smiling and holding hands for the eyes that were watching. My ankles trembled beneath me as I joined them outside.

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  • A wave of vertigo hit me the moment I reached a standing position. I inconspicuously steadied myself. I pushed my shoulders back and tilted my chin up. We walked the red carpet together.

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    Most of their photos excluded me, but the ones that did painted us to be the perfect family. I stayed on my mark and forced my smiles. I was sixteen and looked less than it, but they never carded at industry parties, one of very few perks. It was completely empty in there. After locking myself inside one of the stalls, I finally let myself break down. I collected a wad of toilet paper and dab my eyes as tears refused to stop falling. I knew I had to get a hold of myself and return to the party.

    I took deep breaths and stared up at the ceiling. When my tears finally came to a stop, an impulse popped into my mind. Without thinking myself out of it, I forced myself to vomit. I rose to my feet, wiping my mouth off with the back of my hand as it trembled. I tossed in my tissue and flushed. I walked out after taking a deep breath. I wet a paper towel and removed my smeared makeup.

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    I reapplied what I could with what was in my bag. I fixed my hair with my fingers. I rinsed my mouth out and inserted a mint. I walked over to the bar alone. I placed my hands on the counter and looked down at them. The bar was lit. I allowed myself to be fascinated by the shadows I could make on it by contorting my fingers in subtle ways. Within a matter of minutes, tall narrow glasses were slid over to me.

    The deep pink liquid glowed because of the light illuminating the glasses. The short one that was added lastly was clear in color. I tossed it back, swallowing hard to remove the burn. I found an isolated table and sat down. As I drank the first one, I put all the fruit garnishes into the second glass, allowing them to absorb alcohol. I was finished with it in under ten minutes. I sipped the second, enjoying the taste and the numbing it would soon create. Even while wearing her horn-rimmed glasses and significantly less makeup than everyone else in the room, she was notably the most beautiful in the room.

    And she looked just like our mom. She always had. Your coworkers might learn about your double life, Dr. They hold him hostage at the karaoke machine at every one of our holiday parties. Refuses to miss them. Let me tell you, the sweaters he finds for us have gotten more and more elaborate over the years. I wouldn't be surprised if this year's set have toy trains circling around them. They smelled really good, so I went for it.

    They taste even better. I cleared a tray to make this pile. I looked up.

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    She pursed her lips together instead of saying something. My mind jumped to work, counting the calories present. The cheese, bacon, and eggs sent off major warning signs.

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    She placed her hand on my shoulder and eased me back down to my seat. I sighed heavily and rested my head in the palm of my hand as my elbow was propped on the table. My eyes drifted shut and I gently swayed in my seat as I enjoyed the ride and the music. You sit by yourself, acting all dark and mysterious. I come over, you play hard to get, we drink together, and then you get very friendly. Anger surged through my body, recalling the fractured memories of our time together. My legs felt as though they were made of twigs, they shook as I attempted to gain stronger footing.