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According to Aristotle, virtue is not something one actively does.

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Rather, virtue is a disposition to behave in the right way. Phronesis consists in no small part of an appropriate application of the practical syllogism. The practical syllogism is a form of practical reasoning in syllogistic form, the conclusion of which is an action. Psuche is that unobservable property that distinguishes living things from nonliving things. The human psuche consists of three major parts: the nutritive part, which it shares with both plants and animals; the appetitive part, which it shares with only animals; and the rational part, which is distinctively human.

This telos is based on our uniquely human capacity for rational thought. Nicomachean Ethics: Popular pages.

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In a fascinating sequence that takes us from the personal to the global, Jung establishes the religious meaning of eating and shows how it dictates a healthy order of eating. He exposes Christians' complicity in the face of widespread eating disorders we experience personally, culturally, and globally, and he argues that these disorders can be reversed through faith, Christian practices, attention to habitual activities like cooking and gardening, the church's ministry, and transforming our cultural policies about food.

Shannon Jung provides us with the theological framework and justification for the faith community to take its rightful role in that process.

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What distinguishes it as church is the presence of the triune God among those who gather in the name of Jesus, making it a sign and anticipation of the fellowship of the kingdom of God. From this premise Dr.

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Hegstad analyzes such issues as the relationship between church and world, mission and diakonia, church as fellowship and organization, ministries in the church, worship, and the unity of the church, as well as discussing the relationship between a sociological and a theological understanding of the church. Endorsements: "Harald Hegstad is one of Norway's most interesting theologians, and I couldn't be more excited that his work is now available in English. Hegstad is one of the very rare thinkers who has both an incredible handle on the theological Christian tradition, as well the acumen to do empirical examination of the contemporary state of the church.

Hegstad's multidisciplinary erudition, logical acuity, and, above all, theological wisdom all come into play as he argues--very convincingly--that the church we believe in is not, and cannot be, anything other than the church we live within and experience.

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A complex-yet-balanced constructive, theological proposal that is a must-read for everyone interested in the church. John's University "This book reminds us of a strand in Lutheran-Melanchthonian ecclesiologies sometimes forgotten: the concepts of visible church and invisible church are distinctions in ecclesiology not at all aiming at a separation between two churches.

Hegstad productively encounters this by means of combining systematic theology and social sciences.

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The result is a concrete ecclesiology in which non-dogmatic factors become theologically relevant. His research in ecclesiology includes empirical studies as well as publications within systematic and practical theology.

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