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For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. These exercises are uniquely presented in one book which may be used by any and all instruments together. The book is divided into three main sections. The warm-up exercises consist of fully harmonized chords for the entire band; the technical exercises are scored in unison and cover fundamental scales, intervals and arpeggios in all keys; the rhythm drill presents fundamental rhythms followed by 40 exercises applying certain rhythms to interval studies.

An exceptionally useful, practical and worthwhile book! See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks. Tone: a. Posture and Instrument position b. Breath support and control of air stream c.

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Proper embouchure development d. Achieving the characteristic sound of the Instrument e.

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Listening to live and recorded examples 4 O 7 3, Pitch: a. Tuning of the instrument b. Inherent intonation deficiencies accoustical problems c. Ear training and careful listening habits d.

Fussell Exercises for Ensemble Drill

Alternate fingerings 4. Articulation: a. Proper use of the tongue placement, shape, com- bination with air stream b. Slurring c. Staccato d. Marcato e. Legato 5. Interpretation: a. Phrasing b.

Accents Written and unwritten c. Spacing d. Dynamics e. Style f. Historical considerations 6, Literature: Students will acquire a general over-view of the major periods in music history. This will Include exposure to the major forms , stylistic characteristics and major com posers of each period. Subdivision of the beat Tapping of subdivisions c. Rhythmic sightreading 8, Chromatic scale; The pupil will develop skill In performing, notating, and hearing chromatic passages and scales. Minor scales and chords: The pupils will develop skill in hearing and performing the three forms of the minor scale Natural, harmonic, melodic , and minor chords, The pupil will continue to develop skill in Identifica- tion of: a.

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Motives Rhythmic and melodic b. Phrases c. Perfect and imperfect cadences d. Two-part form e. Three-part form f.

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Standard march form g. Ostinato forms h. Passacaglla form Musical vocabulary: The pupil will enlarge his musical vocabulary and Im- prove his pronunciation and understanding of foreign words and phrases common to masical compositions. Some are given in Section VI. Every piece of music used should be selected for specific musical purposes, which should be explained In the teacher's guide. First Week A.

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Review of proper posture and playing positions of all instru- ments. Rhythmic training 1. Rothman Rhythm Studies pp. Whole notes b. Half notes c. Quarter notes with one quarter rest C. Scales 1. Ensemble Dri 1 1 Book Sec. Pares Scale Book Nos. All scales and accompanying arpeggios to be memorized.

Arpeggios Ensemble Drill Book Sec. Review of two-part and three-part form Examples taken from music being studied F. Similarities in current musical practices, 2. Recordings and live performances.

Musical terms taken from current repertoire. Assessment to include objective testing of these terms. Second Week A. Rhythmic Training 1. Half notes and half rests b. Quarter notes with one, two and three quarter rests. Introduction to rhythmic dictation Creative Musicianship Ear training exercise No. Teacher claps rhythm b. Pupils clap same rhythm c. Pupils write rhythm Additional or alternative procedures given on pages 8 and 9 B. Scales and Arpeggios 1. Ensemble Drill Book Sec.

Scale exercises in C. Use different articulation: a.

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As written b. TTH e. Chromatic exercise be- Nos. Ear training 1. Introduction of the major triad Explanations t writing, hearing 2. Sing up the scale using do, re, me, fa, so, la, or 1 5 2, 3, 4, 5 3. Third Week A.