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Rachel h had grown up with a religous zelot for a father. Not aloud to do much of anything birthdays,holidays, visting friends, dating, college until she left at the age of She moved in with a friend and went to college. Having grown up the way she did she was socialy stunted and not really sure on how to handle the feelings that she had for Nate. One night she decided to throw caution to the wind and suprise him by waiting naked for him in his bed. Nate had a bad experince with a woman he was sleeping with in the past. She fell hard in love with him and when he didn't return those feelings she tried to kill herself.

So he has sworn never to take a womans love lightly again but when he comes home to find Rachel waiting naked for him in his bed he tried to remember that However he wasn't able to tell her until the next morning. Feeling completely humiliated and promising never to do that again, she decides to put this behind her and keep working at Department 6.

Eight months later they are assinged to infiltrate a religous cult, the only problem is that only married couples can participate in cult rituals.

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So like it or not, and they don't, Rachel and Nate have to pretend to be husband and wife. Not only do they have to fight their feelings for eachother but this cult seems to be more dangerous than the had fist thought. People are missing,one woman's has escaped after they tried to kill her and when the leader of the cult sees Rachel he wants her for a higher purpose. Jul 27, Monique rated it really liked it. Brenda Novak isn't kidding with this book. Ethan Wycliff is the dazzling religious leader of the Church of the Covenant which has raised suspicious all over town after the attempted stoning of one of their women — for sleeping with her husband.

Another young woman has gone missing and her parents aren't leaving the Covenanters alone until they find her. In steps Department 6 — a group of retired special forces men and women, police officers, and investigators, where both Rachel and Na Brenda Novak isn't kidding with this book. In steps Department 6 — a group of retired special forces men and women, police officers, and investigators, where both Rachel and Nate work.

Rachel has a massive crush on Nate and they've never had to work the same case because of it. And Nate isn't as indifferent to Rachel as he has lead her to believe. Oh, did I mention that Nate is Rachel's boss? They immediately travel to Paradise, AZ, an isolated town in the middle of the desert, where the cult is located and Rachel is brought into the cult.

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The danger is that this group believes in both drugs and indiscriminate sex, and Rachel may have to participate in both in order to fit in. I don't know how this book could have been written any better. The descriptions are realistic, the twists and turns are amazing and never what you'd guess, and the way the leaders of the cult are able to attract members just blows my mind.

Seriously — there are group out there just like this one, and they have got to prey on some weakness in a person's life in order to assert so much control over them. Consider that the cult was formed by some frat brothers, on a whim, while in the woods one day, and it now has about followers all living inside the compound and following their rules and laws. And that they believe that this is the way to get to heaven. And that they sleep around — because it's sanctioned by God. This is a doozy! BUT, the best part is the on-again off-again relationship between Nate and Rachel.

Nate isn't ready for a relationship after the way his last one ended, and Rachel is so over Nate that it doesn't bother her a bit that they're living as man and wife. Or so she says. White Heat was released today, July 27th, and is the first book in the trilogy. Body Heat will be released in September.

And Killer Heat will be released in October. I can't wait to read the next two books.

Review copy provided by publisher Why I Read this Book: I have been reading quite of few romantic suspense novels lately and what I found out is that I really enjoy reading this sub-genre. I am also fascinated with CSI and forensics. So when I came across this book, it caught my interest. So much for wishful thinking.

What I Liked: The plot was well thought out.

The religious cult that the author created was scarily surreal. We hear about cults like these in the news from time to time and this author nailed it right on the head. The infiltration process was interesting, exciting and felt like a dangerous thrill ride. I was turning page after page, on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out how things were going to end.

Once the action started happening, there was no putting this book down. Yes, I know that was the plot of the story before going in but it was a bit overwhelming. I love tension, especially between the two main characters, but the characters also need have to chemistry. And the love scenes between them left more to be desired. They were short and not too telling.

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I was hoping for steamy love scenes and unfortunately it was more fizzle than sizzle. Overall Impression: White Heat was an okay read.

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May 09, Manda Collins rated it really liked it Recommends it for: fans of thrillers, suspense-plots, friends to lovers plots. Shelves: romantic-suspense , contemporary. Another chilling romantic suspense read from Brenda Novak. When Nate and Rachel are sent by the private security firm they work for to infiltrate an Arizona cult, they know it's going to be tough.

Since the two shared a night of passion six months ago, that ended badly, neither of them is looking forward to the assignment which will include their posing as a young married couple interested in joining the cult. Rachel, whose father was a religious zealot knows it won't be easy, but neither of the Another chilling romantic suspense read from Brenda Novak. Rachel, whose father was a religious zealot knows it won't be easy, but neither of them know how deadly this particular group, known as Paradise, has become.

WHITE HEAT is a disturbing story of what can happen when the people in control start to enjoy their power a little too much, and when the followers follow orders no matter wrong they seem. The relationship between Nate and Rachel takes a back burner to the suspense plot in this one, and the ending felt a little too neatly wrapped. Even so it was a good suspenseful read that kept me turning the pages well past bed time.

Jun 24, Casee rated it really liked it Shelves: read I love Brenda Novak. Sticking with her was a good choice.

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She is now an auto-buy author for me. The characters she writes are simply amazing.

Some of the things that they have gone through and still must go through makes you want to keep reading. This is the first book in her new Dept. Quit I love Brenda Novak. Quite a mouthful. The book opens when Nate Ferrentino tells Rachel Jessop that they are going undercover together to bring down a cult that call themselves the Church of the Covenant.

The plan is to go in as husband and wife, which is the very last thing that Rachel wants.

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After a night six months ago where Rachel offered Nate everything of herself and was consequently rejected, the last thing she wants to do is pretend to be married to Nate.