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Initially, I had no idea how I was going to feed myself and my furry friend while staying under my modest graduate assistant income. I learned that I can in fact still be a foodie and enjoy amazing meals by making my own food in my home kitchen.

Capital One BrandVoice: 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Family's Food Bill

Here are some fantastic frugal tips for feeding a family on a grocery budget:. Next comes utilities and other expenses related to shelter. If you know how much you can spend, then you can plan what to buy and what your limits are. The USDA breaks the averages down into four different categories — the thrifty plan, the low-cost plan, the moderate-cost plan, and the liberal plan — which makes it even easier to compare your budget to that of other families in America. A second helpful tool is a grocery budget calculator, like this one from Iowa State University.

Have you ever noticed that you never got around to using that floppy bundle of celery in your crisper, that bag of moldy bread, or the tenth can of SpaghettiOs taking up space in your cabinet? While on your mission, keep your eye on the prize, stay focused, and stick to the list.

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As you shop, look at the price per unit for each item. Items like eggs, milk, cheese, bread, spices and seasonings, butter, olive oil…You get the idea! You may even be able to save up and splurge for appliances that make food prep faster and easier, like a Magic Bullet or a food processor.

Even an inexperienced cook can become a great home chef with the right food and enough practice. Meal plan. I know. I probably sound a bit like a broken record, but hear me out if you are still resisting the idea of meal planning. Food waste makes everyone sad, but especially our wallets.

Eat in season. Why does this help your budget? Not sure what is in season right now? Here is a great list! Skip the real food convenience foods. We love these foods and they make life a little easier. Keep some if you need to, but also really look at which items you could either make yourself or live without and see how much money you save!

I still buy them sometimes, but know I am picking a more expensive route! Our rule of thumb about real food convenience foods is this: save them for special occasions or weeks where you really need the saved time. Making tacos? Skip the grain-free tortilla and enjoy them in lettuce cups or baked potatoes. Instead of buying broth at the store, we save the bones from the whole chickens we regularly cook up and turn those into broth in our Instant Pot to keep in the freezer.

Tips for saving HALF on your food bill! (WITHOUT coupons!)

These little switches really do add up to saved money! What self-stable foods have you forsaken? What kind of rainy day supplies are buried beneath the frost?

Strategy #3 – Utilize multiple stores

The key here is to be mindful of what you already own. How do you integrate this change into your daily life? Well, everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

Keep a log somewhere — on your phone, computer, or a piece of paper — of everything you have available. If you want to take this to the next level, you can even include expiration dates to help with your planning and prioritizing. Occasionally, you should plan on skipping the grocery store altogether and instead make meals percent based on the food you already have. You can use a website like My Fridge Food to come up with meal ideas based on what you already have.

15 {Surprisingly Simple} Money Saving Tips for Families

But what if you cut your food waste in half? Just like anything else, waste is the result a habit. Thinking you need more food than you actually do and throwing away the leftovers is a habit. Buying food on sale and stashing it in the refrigerator until it expires is a habit. Habits develop through repetition and positive feedback, which is also how habits are undone and eventually re-written. You are just as capable of training yourself to behave differently. The best grocery gamers can do two things very well: they can plan meals and they can execute those plans.

Most meals keep well in the refrigerator for up to three days. Meal preppers tend to do their cooking on Sundays, when they have a little more spare time. You can make one extra-large meal or a pair of medium-sized meals, if you prefer a little variety. Freezing meals gives you the flexibility to make even larger amounts and rotate meals from day to day. You can use the meals you already love — just make double or triple-size portions.

If you need a little inspiration, you can join an online community, like the MealPrepSunday subreddit on Reddit, or take a look at all the awesome meal prep ideas on Pinterest.

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  5. Will you get sick of eating the same thing three days in a row? You are simply a leaner, meaner in all the best ways version of who you already were. You may want to pause this guide for a bit here. We are constantly paying for convenience. If you think about it, the simple act of buying groceries represents a cost of convenience — someone else harvested those crops and put everything in a package and drove it to your local food store.

    You can save an enormous amount of money by always buying whole chickens instead of separated breasts or thighs, for example, but that can take a lot of work. Individually, none of them will represent an enormous swing in your financial favor. But over time, these changes will add up. There you have it — a pain-free method for reducing your grocery bill.

    All you need to do is make a few slight alterations to your usual routine and never forget why you started to read this guide in the first place: because you have plans. Not really. Never forget that Big Something, especially when the going gets tough and that steak burrito is calling your name. You have plans. Good luck! Ready to tackle another budget category? Or maybe you'd prefer to take a step back and consult with a free budgeting specialist? It assists its members in shaping policies governing federal and private student loan and state grant programs on behalf of students, parents, borrowers, and families.

    Since , the Homeownership Preservation Foundation HPF has served as a trusted, neutral source of information for more than eight million homeowners. They are partnered with, and endorsed by, numerous major government agencies, including the U.