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Exodus NIV - God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. - Bible Gateway

It was a new start for Alex, with the unplanned parental duties of re-teaching him everything falling onto his other half. For the next decade and change, Marcus would take Alex under his wing, educating the adult newborn on things he forgot, from the most basic to the most complex. Marcus built it all from the ground up like a carefully curated instagram feed for his brother. Except, it was all a lie, told with humanly intuitions guided by love, through instincts both protective and therapeutic.

The truth came much later when the hard-partying, hardcore hoarder Jill died of cancer in , leaving her sons with a massive home filled with layers and layers of revelations, much different than the dust-pink social media-esque scroll Alex was made to browse and accept.

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But then a more troubling, even sickening, item appears—a photo of Alex and Marcus as fully naked young kids, with their heads cut off. This particular discovery leads the already suspicious Alex to ask the inevitable tough question.

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He learns as we do , that Jill had abused them sexually for years, and also enabled others in her circle to routinely rape her sons. We also love new ideas and the chance to work with new people and groups to make change in the world. You can find ways to get to know us and get involved or reach out to an ARC team member to simply ask a question or inquire about how we might work together.

But deciding how to give can also be an overwhelming experience. Please use the information provided as a guide but know that at the American Refugee Committee we remain open to new and different ways of giving.

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A global, grassroots movement of people. Work Continues It will take an investment of time and great effort to shake off the legacy of 20 years of war and unrest in Somalia. Footer Contact Us. So he hesitates. He looks for a way out. But then Moses asks something that might, at first glance, seem strange.

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Moses is asking God for a revelation of His character so that Israel may know that the One who has called Moses is sufficient. He alone is of Himself a se.

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God, and only God, is dependent on nothing. In Exodus 3, therefore, God identifies Himself in two ways.

This brings us to the burning bush. The burning bush points us to that climactic revelation of the One who is fully and completely the self-existing God, who comes down to redeem a people, and who is Immanuel God with us. It points us to Jesus Christ Himself Matt.