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"If you dont" ~Jimmy Eat World

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Tags acoustic americana blue-eyed soul british blues singer-songwriter London. Downstairs at The King's Head. In a multiyear study, Harvard psychologist Teresa Amabile and her colleagues asked creative professionals to keep a private electronic diary during a single work project.


At the end of each weekday, participants filled out an online diary describing one standout event associated with that project. Your energy and drive will vary from day to day, but you can accomplish big things by being consistent. Procrastination can be a vicious, anxiety-inducing cycle.

As humans, we tend to avoid activity that is painful or uncomfortable.

But with procrastination, the delay soon amplifies those emotions. A prevention focus centers on avoiding loss.

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With a promotion focus, you see an activity as a source of growth or improvement. Say you want to become a morning runner, but you struggle to get out of bed and lace up your shoes.

In both cases, emotions hinder action. Ultimately, procrastination is an emotional issue , which is why you need to remove it from the equation. That means noticing the urge to procrastinate, but moving forward anyway. We often view motivation as a mysterious, elusive force, but the truth is that like a well-trained dog, it usually comes when you call. According to Newton, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Objects at rest tend to remain at rest.

To beat procrastination, Clear recommended finding a way to start your task in less than two minutes.

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