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Kundel, the Journalism advisor.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Getting better: The strength of Wonder Woman is praiseworthy, but her character still represents some inherent problems with Hollywood. Photo courtesy of IGN. Share this:. Vanessa T.

Is it Time to Call B.S. on Body Positivity?

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Best of 49 How many people do you say "I love you" to? Thoughts on Femininity Online Archives. It promises that posting a picture of your rolls on Instagram will suddenly make you fall in love with them.

Problematic Love

I started to notice how harmful the one-dimensional message to love your body can be when I was talking to my clients. When clients confided in me about their body insecurities, I responded by telling them that they should love their body just the way it is.

I was gaslighting them with praise. It's helped us address toxic messages about bikini bodies and messed-up ideals of perfection that have been lurking in our cultural conversation for decades. It's been the catalyst to change the narrative—and push brands to keep up.

The Sad Story Why Billie Eilish And Her Music Is So Controversial

People feel guilty for not loving their body. It can create one more way for you to feel bad about yourself. That does not make you a failure.

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Bookstore manager Joe is definitively a stalker whose obsession with Beck routinely places him on the spectrum between "seriously problematic" to "straight-up psycho killer. Related Stories. Brown is, apparently, well aware of what everyone thinks of Joe. She just doesn't really care. Just watch the show and don't judge me on my opinion," she said.

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In Brown's defense, she did say she just started You. Maybe she's gushing over the very first scene, before Joe commits any acts of fraud in the name of love. In which case, dear lord, let's hope she changes her tune by the time Joe takes out that book mallet.

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Badgley himself has warned against fans romanticizing his character. And so has Shay Mitchell, telling Refinery29 , "You can romanticize elements of his character, but if you romanticize his entire outlook on life, then that might be an issue. But let's say that she is far enough into the series to see Joe in action: She would hardly be alone in misreading Joe's toxic, dangerous obsession as "romantic. A character who follows the object of his affection in a rom-com is seen as devoted, not creepy.