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This powerful work is one of them. I recommend you get this book. The book covers the latest information on every step of the process, from choosing sites and opening an account to analysis and strategies for the latest types of bonuses. The second section covers online poker strategies, with an emphasis on analyzing the value of online poker room bonuses and the differences between live games and tournaments and online games and tournaments. The book starts beginners with the kinds of insights and logic that allow professional players to move beyond cookbook card counting and come up with original and more valuable approaches to beating casinos.

Shuffle tracking is an advanced strategy for beating casino blackjack games. With the edition of this material, Snyder was the first to provide an accurate analysis of the overall win rates available from various types of shuffles, including many that had been regarded as untrackable. It also explains the common and serious mistakes and misunderstandings trackers have fallen prey to, and the cost of these errors.

Back to top. Nicklaus and Reefer Gladness. The team then uses the unwitting narrator as their Big Player in a series of casino cheating scams that keep him a Platinum VIP in this satire on living the American dream. Becoming Bobby simultaneously celebrates and eviscerates the Vegas high roller within us all. Becoming Bobby will be available at Amazon on December 14, Order Becoming Bobby now.

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Josh Axelrad was a member of a notorious blackjack team. This book documents his team training, team plays, and his run-ins with casino game protection personnel. It's the most honest and well-written book on the professional card-counting experience and big blackjack team experience that we've ever read. Blackjack BluePrint, Huntington Press, Paperback; pages.

Modern Blackjack Second Edition Volume I

Rick Blaine is an esteemed former teammate of Arnold Snyder's. Arnold says: "I can tell you from personal experience my wife literally played on the same table with Rick that he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He's run successful blackjack teams. And he did it all part-time, while he managed a successful professional career.

But where it shines is in its practical advice on succeeding in the modern game and playing environment. Part-Time now! The Theory of Blackjack, Huntington Press, This is the definitive work on the mathematics of blackjack. The math is advanced but serious players will wear their copies dog-eared even if they skip the math.

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Includes valuable information, amusing side bits, and intriguing trivia. A great view of approaches to advantage play questions for advanced players. Order Extra Stuff: Gambling Ramblings. Grosjean has not allowed the book to be reprinted, so you will have to hunt for a copy. The author, a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame himself, understands professional gamblers and knows the right questions to ask.

This book will open your eyes to the ways the top pros think, the ways they discover opportunities, and the ways they see the world. Arnold Snyder wrote: "I will state without reservation that this is one of the best books on professional gambling I have ever read.

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Bob Nersesian is the attorney who handled—and won! Since then he has won judgments or settlements on behalf of professional gamblers and other casino customers against other casinos who abused players' rights. In doing that, he has strengthened and broadened the rights of all gamblers to be treated with respect and be free of the false arrest, detainment, confiscation of chips, and physical maltreatment that once were used routinely against professional gamblers.

This book tells you exactly what you need to know and do to protect your rights in any situation involving casinos, or even the police in places like Las Vegas, where the police often seem to see themselves as casino employees rather than protectors of the public. If you are going to be using professional gambling techniques for any serious stakes in U.

This book is a chronicle of every play session for his first two months, with barrings, the search for good games, the exhilaration of the wins and the despair over losses. The book is an extremely plain and honest description of what the grind at low stakes can be like.

A must read if you are considering taking up this life. Blackjack and the Law, Price: Includes information on backrooming, computers and devices, providing ID and fake ID, federal law on cash transactions, Internet gambling, Indian casinos, and more. Exceptionally clear and easy to read—Snyder is known for cutting to the heart of the concepts and explaining them simply to laymen. These books provide frequency distributions for blackjack games and guides for using them to analyze the profit available and flux inherent in different approaches to the games.

They have helped players analyze not only card-counting approaches, but a number of original advanced techniques that they would otherwise not be able to analyze without writing their own computer simulation programs. Revised and updated in March A good read about professional blackjack. Allan Wilson was one of the early computer analysts of blackjack prior to the publication of Beat the Dealer. What was particularly notable was how simply Wilson was able to describe these difficult mathematical concepts for players of average math ability.

Basic Blackjack, Pi Yee Press, The final third contains analysis of the math of playing tells, warps, front-loading, and spooking, though not practical advice for how to actually do these plays.

  • Modern Card Counting.
  • This Is China: The First 5,000 Years (This World of Ours);
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  • Frammenti di memoria (Poesia) (Italian Edition).

Professional Blackjack , Pi Yee Press, ; last revised Get Casino Tournament Strategy. Casino Verite is the best commercial software for card counting practice and simulation of blackjack advantage play strategies. The card counting practice software does a good job of creating casino conditions as realistic as you can get from software, with interruptions for things like drink service and the arrivals and departures of players at the table.

You can practice and test yourself with any card counting system and betting strategy known to humankind. Qfit's blackjack simulation software similarly offers all the bells and whistles with an attractive user-friendly interface. Of special interest is new features for simulating advanced hole-carding and steering plays. Background Information on the PowerSim Project: ETFan has contributed his open source PowerSim blackjack and card counting simulation software to the blackjack community, and we recommend it highly.

As a blackjack researcher and professional player, ETFan wanted to take simulation software in new directions in order to meet the changing needs of today's blackjack players, and he especially wanted his software to be open source. Better tools will mean more money for playera. Book of the Month. Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick.

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Please note: not all stock is available in all stores. PaperBack July 18, The second volume contains topics on advanced Blackjack concepts like hole-card play, next-card play, Spanish 21 hole-card play, shuffle-tracking, team play, simulation and takes a deep look into the heart of Blackjack in ridiculous detail not before seen.

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