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What Can Historical Visions of Heaven on Earth Teach Us About the Future? | Frieze

This follows the narrative in The Garden of Earthly Delights : Adam and Eve are in the presence of God in the left panel and, after encountering the pleasures of earth in the center, are ultimately exiled from the heavenly realm as a result of their selfishness. Both artists had their works collected by Philip II of Spain, who became fascinated by depictions of human-animal transformations.

For the non-religious, who make up roughly 23 percent of the U.

On that note, Bosch certainly drew from his own life. In many ways, the hell he imagined is a crystal ball of the bloody fight between Catholics and Protestants a century later, where during the Spanish Inquisition heretics were tortured using breast rippers and knee splitters. The lust for war in recent times is no less obscene than it was during the Middle Ages.

Modern life itself was misery: poison gas, dysentery, shell-shock, and bandaged amputees staggering through a treeless wasteland. Since the rise of photography and cinema in the 19th century, it was also possible to transmit horrifying images around the world via newspapers and television.

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His art seems less outlandish than what unfolded during the My Lai massacre : Soldiers set fire to huts and killed women and children with machine guns, while others mutilated their victims with barbed wire, poisoned food stocks, and shot cattle and dogs for sport. The images that came from the prison were absurd, but real : the smiles of soldiers standing over piles of naked bodies, collared men pulled along the floor among pools of blood, a hooded figure wired to receive electric shocks. It also offers a window into the evils of ISIS, who sing from the doomsday hymnal of beheadings, sex slaves, and the destruction of sacred monuments.

Can we all try being adults and treat each other how we want to be treated considering the circumstances?

The Plains of Heaven

Many will not want to listen. The profits from her paintings go into a charity to repair the lips of children. Please research about her before you make such comment.

''Painting The Impossible'' by Akiane Kramarik

The movie about heaven is for real was not as good as the book. The movie focused on the struggles of the family and not what he saw in heaven. Many things were left out by Hollywood. All any of us can do is pray for these people who doubt God is real. Pray for these lost people. JESUS will do the rest…. It changed her. And also I know what Ralph is saying is upsetting people, but there probably is a reason why he is on this cite and making a comment like that.

Also After reading a few comments after that, someone replied to Ralph with kindness rather than anger or frustration and some one else saw that, now wants to know more about God and his Son Jesus. Therefore creating a chain reaction and having someone wanting to know more about Christ. Again I could be mis understanding this. What we should do is pray for Ralph, show love to others, and pray to ask God to help us draw others closer to him not further away, remember we are all sinners, but Christ died for us. What is she doing with the money? Is anything being giving back?

Its not for us to worry , if they are christians they know the right thing to do. Holly Shmolly, people! What a Fudge are you discussing here? Do she looks like she is driving a big car, wear fancy dresses, etc? I think through her painting some people find the way to god. She never says, go be a christian, catholic, muslim, buddhist, etc. God has a reason for all that he does. The fact that they are getting royalties from there work is not the point, Jesus is the point Love is the point, they are the Catalyst the Avenue that God is using.

See a Problem?

Skeptics, people who are scared fall to see that. I felt the same way! Is to spread the word not make greed. Money is evil and was made by the devil. Money has no volition of its own, but people do.

I pray you come to understand the difference for there is much more locked up in your anger. Ralph, most preachers are either middle class or downright hard up for money. Another pastor I knew had to work for a construction company in addition to preaching and taking care of the church because he could not afford not to. Sure, some do become wealthy but you will find out they worked hard to reach all the people they minister to for years and years.

Look at the whole picture before you make widespread accusations. Meet the people who are doing the work of the ministry and find out about how 99 percent of them are struggling very hard to make ends meet not just for themselves but for their ministry also. They care and work toward the benefit of others. Maybe they help other people with that money, maybe they give more than your words of hate will EVER hopefully give anyone with half a brain. Your ignorance only makes my faith in the Lord stronger than it ever has been. I pray for all of the people in the world like you.

Maybe there would be less violence and much for love for one another. God Bless you, and I hope you have your own experience with Jesus in some form or another. Have you not seen the videos of Akiane in the act of painting these?

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So, knowing all this, and knowing where the proceeds go, please tell us what you think the purpose would be to devise such a grand scheme? Ralph… If there is no God, where did our world or our universe begin. Everyone knows that it had to have a beginning. Even back to the big bang that had to have a begining. Sooner or later you have to have something from nothing.

Master Pieces

How does that happen? Even the orgion of life points toward a divine intelligence.

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Lee strobel writes books that I would encourage you to read with an open mind. And you sound like an atheist, and I think you have to have alot of faith, to bet there is no afterlife and no judgment at the end of this life, I encourage to search for truth, if you seek God he will find you right where you are. Their message remains the same. Besides, I doubt anyone begrudges you making money for whatever it is you do for a living, Ralph. Writing and painting are professions too. You are unhappy that people like Akiane and Colton — eyewitnesses to the existence of God and an afterlife — are out there and speaking out.

Oh Ralph, have you ever been close to death or died for a few seconds? I have. I have seen Jesus. He is very real.

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Jesus IS as real as it gets. Which leads to the next question you need to ask yourself. When your spirit is finally absent from the Body and present standing before Jesus what will you say to him then? What will HE say? Why is making money evil Ralph? Do you earn money by working? I know first hand two people who have shared that they saw Jesus.