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Stunning return to form by shoegaze legends Slowdive.

This record is staggering for its uncomplicated beauty. Continuously inventive and rhythmically superior to anything else around.

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This has given me many hours of joy. If you like Strike The Colours, you may also like:. Bananas by Malcolm Middleton.

How to Write Your Way Through the Middle

X Chris Magnus. Truthlikeness by Ryan Von Gonten. Permo by Spinning Coin. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 21, Explore music.

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Purchasable with gift card. Stories we remember now will be like water in a drought and though we treasure them in vain how much truth they retain depends on what we become I had stories read to me my favourite was about some thieves my mum's voice as she spoke it came to me like smoke I closed my eyes and I was free And it returns to me now when I feel I've let myself down I've not the courage nor the heart I've grabbed the middle but I've missed the start An old twisted oak bow It broke the water like a frown and all the men aboard the boat they grabbed the lapels of their coats they all feared that they would drown There were no heroes maybe one and his best friend was his gun the rest were lily livered even the boatman shivered he crossed himself and felt alone I'm a million different versions of myself I'm nothing but the drifting sand I'm nothing more that the earth on which I stand am I real or am I the story?

I've got so tall now who'd believe me?

Shiekh Hamza Yusuf- The Beginning, The Middle and the End. (Life)

Good things come in threes. Flavours in a tub of Neapolitan ice cream. Underpants in multipacks. Three equal-ish parts, which give a story balance. Which make a story satisfying.

Love is the beginning, the middle, and the end of our journey · MoveMe Quotes

Much is written about the value of storytelling in all walks of modern life, from pitching an investor to buying a cup of coffee. And this is no bad thing.

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Much of the time you want the viewer to do something specific afterwards. You want them to make an informed decision, or buy something, or sometimes just sign up to a mailing list.

Beginning, Middle, End: Why Simple Brand Stories Are More Successful

Every data visualization, no matter how simple, needs an entry point. A way for the viewer to get their fleshy brain-hooks into the information. There are several ways you can approach this. The title is often the first thing that someone reads when they look at a dataviz, and a good title is an easy way to tell a viewer everything they need to know. Make it short and snappy. Make the title your one key takeaway. Another approach is to grab the reader with a strong visual.

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  5. Something arresting, to stop them in their tracks as they mindlessly scroll Twitter or Instagram. A third approach is to bring the viewer in gradually, step-by-step.

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    I like to use this in situations where I have a lot of complexity or nuance to cover, or a captive audience, or both. This is where you satisfy their curiosity. In this phase, you want to anticipate as many of those questions as you can.